split 7"
Scullcrasher | Deathcrush | Alcoholic Desaster
Scimmia Bastarda | We Don't Fight It | Pet A Back 
Sick Punk | Goodbye Mankind | Zas Autoproduzioni

'This is black metal the way it is supposed to be. Raw, ugly, extreme, violent. A nuisance to the mainstream, the decent, the normal. Against fancy labels, over played / over - produced shit, trends. Black metal must stay underground. This is why DIY applies perfectly in black metal. And just like Satan is considered to be against God, in our case 'satan' is the opposition to all kinds of hierarchy, oppression, fascism, dictates, aiming ultimately to their destruction. No Gods, no Masters.
DIY ist krieg. Destroy NSBM!'

These sentences are featured in Black Trinity's page of the 7" booklet and I think that this sums ups the whole release I'm reviewing right here.
This is a totally DIY release co-produced by 9 labels from Greece, Italy & Czech Republic.
It comes in a nice packaging (sticker incl.) featuring amazing artwork by ADMC07 graphics.
On A-Side we have Thessaloniki's Black Trinity delivering one epic black metal song lasting around 7 minutes. Black Trinity exist since 2003 but they have become more active during the last years, feat. members of Go Filth Go, Terrorismo Musical & Dyspnea.
Their song 'A bleak existence' is a great piece of old school black metal music in the vein
of Darkthrone and early Mayhem.
On the other side, there's Cancer Spreading from Italy, playing old school death metal / stench core in the vein of Axegrinder, Bolt Thrower and Napalm Death.
They offer an intro and one song lasting around 6 minutes.
They are about to release a split 12" with Belgium's Last Legion Alive (also known for their split with Hellstorm from Greece).
All in all, a great DIY release that is available through Uprising Hardcore Distro for only 3 euros.
Grab your copy now and support the scene.