'5 tracks noise' 7"
Rawmantic Disasters | Crucificados | Truemmer Pogo

Go Filth Go is one of my favorite greek d-beat punk bands.
They come from Thessaloniki and they exist since 2008.
This is their brand new 7" following their demo tape and their split 7"s with Besthoven & Electric Funeral.
The 7" title describes the best way the concept of this record.
Go Filth Go deliver 5 new songs of relentless, distorted and in your face raw d-beat punk / hardcore music with a lot of Japanese hardcore influences.
Fans of Disclose, Crude and 80s Scandinavian d-beat must keep an eye on Go Filth Go.
Nihilistic, 2-3 sentences lyrics dealing with topics as no future & war.
Old school cliche artwork. You know the deal!
On the other side, if you believe that d-beat music is all this neo-crust frenzy, better go buy one of the latest Southern Lord labels'  record because '5 tracks noise' will make your ears bleed.