Back on the map vol.I
Destroy Your World Inc.

Destroy Your World Inc. is a brand new collective based in Italy, with the intention to give a helping hand to the Italian & worldwide hardcore scene.
Alex (vocalist of Strength Approach and ol' time scenester) along with Domenico, both from Roma, are behind this effort that was launched almost one month ago.
'Back on the map vol. I' is their first release that came out as a free sampler feat. 22 bands, with the sole purpose to represent Italy's today hardcore scene.
The line up consists of: Awaken Demons, Baseball Furies, Locked In, The Memory, Strength Approach, Payback, My Own Prison, Jungle Fever, Embrace Destruction, Face Your Enemy, Reinforced Concrete, Fear The Sirens, Grandtheftage, The Hardest Season, Startoday, Killjoy, Rise After Defeat, Strange Fear, Traces Of You, Uprising and Whales' Island.
All hardcore styles, from beatdown to old school and from modern hardcore to NYHC, are covered, while the bands come from various areas from all over Italy.
I was always a huge fan of the Italian hardcore / punk scene so I'm very glad to notice that it's still alive after a stagnant period the previous years. Some of the bands featured in this compilation have already received a review via this blog, some others played in Greece in the past (Strength Approach, Locked In, Whales' Island), while we had the honor to release the Face Your Enemy previous record and the Whales' Island latest 7" via World's Appreciated Kitsch.
Destroy Your World Inc. will release the new For The Glory 12" in November, plus a brand new Strength Approach picture disc 7" and the new CD by Australia's Mark My Words, later in 2013.

I really appreciate the effort that the guys behind Destroy Your World Inc. do.
The 'representatives' of the Greek scene should do the same.
Download the sampler via their website or better get one copy for free with any purchase via their webstore.