Warfare MCD

Soundkrash is a brand new heavy hardcore band based in Athens, Greece.
They were formed back in 2010 and since then they have managed to play a good amount of shows all over Greece, including 'support' acts to bands like The Lines We Cross and Providence.
Warfare is their first MCD that was released a year ago.
It includes 4 songs (+ an intro) of heavy brutal hardcore music with a strong metallic touch.
They are obviously inspired by the NYHC sound, but their style is much more heavier and I can assume that they draw influences from bands like Irate, 100 Demons and First Blood, among others.
The sound production is clean yet heavy, and this makes me enjoy the MCD more.
I also dig the lyrics and the artwork. 
I love it when brutal hardcore bands don't care only to show their machismo and tough guy bullshit, but they actually have something to say or try to raise awareness.
Soundkrash have a lot to offer to the local hardcore scene, so better keep an eye on them.
Watch them live during the Balkan Hardcore Fest 2012 on Sunday, 21, this month.