'No regrets' LP
Take Control Records

No Turning Back is one of my favorite hardcore bands ever.
Besides that, they are obviously by far the best european hardcore band nowadays.
'No Regrets' is their brand new album that was released almost a month ago by their own label, called Take Control Records.
The record includes 11 songs of groovy hardcore that only NTB know how to play well. It's amazing how these guys from Brabant, Netherlands, have managed to achieve a unique sound that everyone into hardcore music can easily recognize. 
NTB deliver a -less than 20 minute- record full of sing-alongs, break downs, moshy parts and catchy riffs. Drawing influences by all time favorite hardcore bands like Cro-Mags, Judge and Madball, No Turning Back maintain their own style, spitting doses of quality hardcore to the world.
'No Regrets' is the physical continuation of 2011's 'Take Control', but to be honest, the new record is more mature and consistent than its predecessor.
Lyric wise, Martijn is dealing with personal issues, backstabbers, friendships and the scene, keeping it simple and true. I definitely dig his lyrics.
What more can I say? I have already stated that NTB is one of my favorite hardcore bands; do you need more?!
Just for the record, there are guest shouts by the vocalists of Risk It!, For The Glory and Something Inside, while the artwork fits absolutely with the content once again. Gatefold cover, colored vinyl; ace!
Watch them live during the Positively Positive Hardcore Fest Six in Athens on 20th December 2012.