Refuse Records

Warsaw, besides being the capital and largest city of Poland, is the most active place when it comes to hardcore activities. It's not a coincidence that a lot of compilations, featuring Warsaw based bands, were released the last years, with Warsaw Hardcore / Punk Attach volumes 1 & 2 and Warsaw Is Burning 7" being among them.
So, here we have a great Warsaw hardcore / punk band with members already active in the Polish hardcore scene, in bands like Greed (in the past) or Double Vision (nowadays).
'1000slow' includes 8 songs of intense 90s hardcore with some youth crew influences, without being youth crew at all, though.
Burst In sing in Polish, but there are translations & explanations in the lyrics insert and I must admit that their lyrics are deep and thought provoking, dealing with issues like migration, the modern society of Poland, the roots of violent behavior and the past.
Music wise, they remind me of Polish hardcore bands like Apatia or even April. 
They are into the straight edge realm, even though they are not that outspoken when it comes to this, so bands like Have Heart or Trial are definitely a big influence for Burst In, as well.
Their sound is not that polished or modern though, they prefer to keep this 90s vibe, I guess.
There were 2 covers of this record released, and thanks to Robert Refuse I have the limited edition one, which I doubt if it is still available.
Listen to this record at the band's band camp and get your hands a copy, it's worth!