'Dethrone the architect'
L'Inphantile Collective | Noise Attack

'Wandering how we ended like this...
Remembering the past, days of prosperity, days of development, our eyes standing at the route of pleasure.
Our ears shut to the cries of help, we could not hear back then or had we persuaded ourselves not to?
The intellects, the philosophers of our time, carrying words of cancer, of pain, they had seen the signs, but nobody listened to them.
Now that your neck is broken... Turn your head 180 degrees, see the hooks in your back? What do you do? Release yourself? Your broken neck allowed you to face the truth, a little time is left to act, what is it gonna be?
Will you keep staring, like you did, or embrace the idea of seeing with your own eyes for the first time?'

Slavebreed, one of the best local bands, when it comes to all genres of extreme music, are back with a bang. This time this bang comes from a fully armed 14 song album that will start shooting our virginity like an unstoppable AK47 gun. 'Dethrone the architect' rips apart our moral abstinence, kicks the well-made lethe out of our minds and destroys our imaginary material paradise.
There are no many words to write for this intellectual yet political grind core masterpiece.
If you still believe that grind core is about gore and porno, then go fuck yourself and get this record.
Not only your ears but your ignorant soul will bleed to death, as well.
If you are afraid to expose your weakness, just stay away.

P.S.1 A cover of Disrupt's 'Dog eat dog' is included.
P.S.2 The release show of the record is set on 30.12.2012 | AN Club.