'No escape' 7"
Elephant Skin Records

'they're walking with fake smiles, 
still pretending that they love
in fact they've already judged me
i've never had the chance to say how i feel'

I guess you have already figured out that the Polish hardcore scene is not only the best of the Eastern European area, but probably Europe's number one, as well. Tons of quality bands arise every day, including Last Dayz, Thug X Life, Reality Check, Identity, Stone Heart, Bloodstained, The Lowest, Deathrow, Government Flu and many more, while the shows are crowded as hell. Moreover, great yet dedicated labels like Ratel Records, Last Warning Records and Elephant Skin Records carry the torch of the Polish hardcore movement. Enough with the prologue...
Michael - Elephant Skin Records / The Wonder Years fanzine wanted a bunch of My Turn LPs to distribute in Poland, so what a better way to get some of his releases in trade?! 
Work For It's 'No escape' red piece of wax was released in late 2012 and it consists of 4 songs (around 10 minutes long) of 90s hardcore strongly influenced by the early NYHC scene. Bands that come in my mind are Cro-Mags - of course - Breakdown and Leeway's more hardcore tunes. The songs are very tight and heavy while there's a strong feeling of  melancholy, due to the personal yet melancholic lyrics. 
The artwork is ace and there's a sticker, a download code and an Elephant Skin A4 page with an article about hardcore 2013. Get it now.