Teen choices 7"
Sacred Plague Records

Is anyone reading this into early USHC?
If the answer is no, you have 2 choices; either read the next review or listen to hardcore 2013 in you tube. On the other side, if the answer is yes, here are some useful steps to help you brighten your world. a) buy this record, b) listen to this record, c) spread the word about this record.
SUNSHINE SS have obviously nothing to do with any racist / neo-nazi scum. SS is used in an ironic way and if you a any narrow-minded politically correct bonehead and you cannot get the irony, you can throw up your pride in the nearby toilet. 
SUNSHINE SS come from Asheville, North Carolina, and this is their 2nd 7", released by the hard-working label Sacred Plague (that have also released stuff for bands like Uncurbed, Warvictims, Enabler and Krang). It includes 6 songs of nitty gritty old school punk / hardcore, not unlike early Black Flag, Jerry's Kids, The Germs and Adolescents. Forget the chugga chugga guitars and the brutal vocals my friend, this is hardcore circa 82.
'Banned from the record store' is already a fav of mine. What a title?!
Get this and shut up.