Love is love // Return to dust LP / CD
Deathwish Inc.

Code Orange Kids is a bunch of youngsters coming from Pittsburgh, PA, with the only aim to deliver chaotic hardcore / metal to the world. This is their 2nd full length album, and they have also released a demo, a tape and a split 7" with Full Of Hell, a band that they often tour with.
So to get things straight, with an average age of 19 years old, Code Orange Kids became the new hype just after they left high school and Deathwish Inc. picked them up. And they are one of the few bands out there that they fucking deserve this kind of hype.
Their new album is a masterpiece of Converge-ish hardcore, strongly influenced of the Deathwish stuff. But the weird thing is that Code Orange Kids do not fall in any genre, they just create theirs, using violent breaks, sharp guitars, peaceful soundscapes and aggressive female / male vocals. 
Love is love // Return to dust includes 10 songs of non-conforming art and uncompromising poetry. If you are a fan of Converge, Rise & Fall, and maybe Unbroken, you should get this immediately and offer yourself the new thing that is so much influenced by the aforementioned but on the contrary so unique that cannot be compared to anything.
Code Orange Kids tour Europe along with Full Of Hell this summer. Watch out for them.