'Future history' 7"
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We are going a bit slow with the reviews and that's due to extremely lack of time and major involvement in a bunch of other projects right now. But we never leave this blog to starve and every now & then that we get a good record, we are here to present it to you...
So, for those we remember, Antillectual played in Greece 3 shows in the end of 2011, incl. Positively Positive Hardcore Fest 5 in Athens, a show in Volos and a secret show. Those that attended the shows already know that Antillectual is probably the best political melodic punk rock band that The Netherlands have to offer nowadays. They are active since early 00s and they have already released 3 LPs and 2 7"s, meanwhile they are preparing their 4th LP to be unleashed anytime in 2013.
'Future history' is their latest 7" that the post officer brought to me a week or so ago. The record comes in eye-catching solid orange vinyl, feat. OK artwork and a download coupon.
I was surprised to realize that the band has mellowed down so much comparing to their earlier releases. 3 out of 4 of the songs of this record are very soft, more pop than punk rock; nothing to do with the melodic hardcore / punk harshness of their earlier material.
That's not bad at all since the band still maintains its passion and intensity, plus the importance of politics. You hardly even meet any bands of this style caring about politics... Antillectual deal with topics like sexism, girls' participation in the scene, racism, neoliberalism and the whole crisis thing. 
Fans of Hot Water Music, Rise Against, The Menzingers and Propagandhi should check them out.

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