'Rather be in hell' MCD
Perspective Records

Running Out is a brand new hardcore band from Brabant, Holland. This is the home town of euro hardcore legends No Turning Back. They've been together around 2 years now, having played shows mainly in Belgium and Holland. My good friend Mike, who is also singing in A Strength Within, just released their first EP via his great label Perspective Records (home for bands like Ashes, 18 Miles and of course ASW; check also the great compilation 'This Is Belgium' they've released).
'Rather be in hell' includes 5 songs of modern angry yet pissed off hardcore music in the vein of Backtrack, Expire and Trapped Under Ice with a touch of Rotting Out.
You know the deal I guess... Heavy guitar riffs, super tight rhythm section, aggressive vocals and groovy tunes that will make you mosh like there's no tomorrow. 
I'm really stoked that the european hardcore scene is going strong and bigger every day. Embrace the underground bands, support Perspective Records and get the Running Out CD. Hopefully it'll be available in Greece via Uprising Hardcore Distro anytime soon.