demo 2012

I miss the good ol' days when I had spare time to write reviews regularly in this blog. This blog occupied much of my free time back in time with a minimum amount of reviews per month being 10. 
Talking about good ol' days... Good Old Days was one great band from Poland that I had the honor to release a 3-way split CD including them, along with Austria's Bounz The Ball and Straight Opposition from Italy. I even booked a show for them in the missed but not forgotten Street Attack squat in Thessaloniki back in May 2008.
So, when their bassist Wiktor sent me a message in FB half an hour or so ago introducing me to his new band called Wounded Knee (feat. Dispel The Crowd ex-members, as well) and offering me to  review their debut demo, I knew I had to do it ASAP; immediately.
So here we are... The feeling of stealing some time from work in order to do things you love is unbeatable... So the last moments before my daily routine ends are dedicated to Wounded Knee!
Their demo includes 4 songs of great NYHC influenced hardcore with that strong European touch we all dig. If you are into Agnostic Front and Madball you'll definitely like this. But if you are into modern stuff like No Turning Back, Cornered and Backtrack, you'll like this, too.
Just give it a listen. Give it a try. The underground hardcore scene is overwhelmed with little hardcore diamonds; let's seek for them and forget the mainstream bullshit.
Reviews are great, by the way. See you soon.