Demo '13

Lifewreck is a rare type of poison produced in the most well hidden basements of the underground community in Athens. It is widely used by the elite of the scene (fuck hardcore, fuck punk; the scene is the scene) and sometimes can be lethal. Lifewreck can wreck your life in 12 minutes and this is more than just an achievement because it took me more than 30 years to wreck mine. I should have met these people much earlier I guess. You can imagine how I feel now.
Lifewreck claim to be 100% antifascist, hardcore & powerviolence but, to be honest, I don't care for any of the aforementioned labels. I don't care about any labels at all. This is passionate and comes straight from the heart, I can assure you about this. And this is what matters the most for me.
And last but not least...
The Lifewreck members are some of my best friends and if you ever dare to even touch them, I will cut your throat and bury you dead six feet under the underground. Period.