Screaming Victims

Faithreat are back with a bang!
4 years after their first full length and 1,5 years after the release of their great 7" entitled 'Thrashing with the stars', it was about time for new material from the band that redefined the crossover / thrash genre in Greece.  
The new, self-titled, album includes 9 songs & an intro of thrashier than ever heavy music. The hardcore / punk aspect has been put aside and this time Faithreat delve deeper into the Bay Area sound of the 80s being influenced by bands like Exodus & Death Angel. There's a strong touch of Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, D.R.I. and the thrash period of Agnostic Front, as well, since the band never forget their punk roots.
The artwork of the record is fucking amazing and the vinyl is 180gr heavy, playing in 45RPM. 
All in all, it's a great record that every thrash / crossover fan should get.
To be honest, I'd prefer it if there was a bigger dose of hardcore / punk in it and the vocals weren't that clean, but this is just my personal opinion and doesn't mean at all that Faithreat's full length isn't one of the best records that got released in Greece the last year or so.
Get it now!