We don't need your friends 7"
Straight & Alert | Ugly & Proud | Life To Live

'I don't need you friends, I better stay alone
I don't want your booze, I don't want your line, keep your shit away from me
You think I'm a loser? Well, let's see who will win
Your company is no use, so get lost you fucking clown'

The times are hard and crucial. 'Sick society sickens me' (quoting a My Turn lyric). 
I guess it's about time to get back to some more drastic actions and fuck the endless theoretical rhetorics.
Raw Justice are militant and if militancy is the only way to overcome all this shit surrounding us, then I am going for it...
So, this is a young band coming from Nantes, western France, consisting of ex and current members of bands like No Solution, Black Page and Regarde Les Hommes Tomber. 
Their first 7" was released sometime before summer and includes 6 songs (that's around 7 minutes) of pissed off, no frills hardcore fucking music. If you are into the current trend of fast yet angry, tough yet heavy, American hardcore and bands like The Rival Mob, Noose, Boston Strangler and the likes, then this shit is for you motherfucker. Forget the limited edition, sold out via pre-orders records that the top notch snobbish hardcore bands release and watch out for these French weirdos.
If you like Floorpunch, this is for you, as well.
Songs about the stupid use of booze and pills, the work / unemployment ethics, the internet prophets and the raw justice that we are, while you are just a pathetic victim that we'll smash you down in the ground the next time you talk shit about us.
Fuck off and listen to this 7".