demo 2013
Purgatory Records

Mind X Control is a new band from South Wales, UK, featuring the ex-vocalist of Brutality Will Prevail, Ajay, and 2 members of Forsaken. 
Their first demo was released some months ago via the already hyped Cardiff based label Purgatory Records and includes 5 songs of 90s youth crew / old school hardcore, reminiscent of bands like Turning Point, Insted, Side By Side and Uniform Choice.
There's also a more 00s approach in some of the songs, reminding me of bands like Mental and Outburst. 
To put it simple, this demo is the epitome of modern youth crew / straight edge hardcore and I'm more than glad that bands like Mind X Control still exist. 
By the way, it seems that the United Kingdom is the new haven of everything related to quality hardcore nowadays .
Too many good bands, labels & tons of shows and festivals; what else do you want?!
Check out Mind X Control and get their demo whenever and if you find it.