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Napravi Zaedno / Gorilla 92

Mindless Violence is a hardcore / punk / thrash band from Skopje and this is their newest EP.
Marko (their vocalist) has been asking me to review this since late November, so eventually I found some spare time (even at 3.30 in the morning) to review this MCD. Sorry for the delay, but this blog acts like a snail, you know...
I had the opportunity to share the stage with Mindless Violence 3 weeks ago, while in Skopje with my band (My Turn), and I was definitely impressed by the band's (or better Marko's) energetic performance. 
Even though, their music style is not exactly my cup of tea, and besides that all lyrics are in their native language so I can't understand a fucking thing, I really dig Mindless Violence. They seem too dedicated in what their doing. And what they are doing is delivering fast hardcore / punk straight from the heart and for the kids.
The 5 songs of this EP are, quoting the band's own words, 'too punk for the hardcore kids, too hardcore for the punk kids, too mainstream for the thrash kids, too thrash for the mainstream kids'. And that's good for sure.
Do yourself a favor and pay some attention to a hardcore band that is definitely not your favorite overhyped US band or the current trend of Europe's hardcore scene. But they are true to themselves & follow the hardcore ethics. And that's the most important thing for me. Playing hardcore in such a poor country with a no scene at all, is more difficult that even we, the greek hardcore kids, can imagine. 
Cheers for this Mindless Violence.

P.S. Check also their split 7" with the great Swedish band Damage.