"The final war has already begun" MCD

{Troskot Records}Die Without is a band from Volos, Greece, and this MCD is their first proper release, after the demo "It's An Honour To Die" that came out in summer 2007.
This 4 songs (plus an intro) EP was released by the Bulgarian hardcore / punk label Troskot Records, less than 2 months ago.
Let's get to the point now. Die Without play metallic hardcore in the vein of Born From Pain, Hatebreed and the likes, a bit influenced by the NYHC scene. The production is heavy and strong and the final result is extremely cool, concerning the fact that Die Without is a band from Greece, and especially from not a big city.
Moreover, I like that they do not follow the metalcore trend, and even though their style is ultra metallic, it's still hardcore music.
What I do not like too much is their lyrics, I must admit that I find a bit boring all this tough guy style and the "fuck you" attitude. I don't say that some aggressive emotions are not real, I just prefer to add some positive thinking and outlook in them.
Anyway, this is definitely one of the best releases in the local scene the last months, so you better support it! I forgot to write that the artwork is very cool, too!