"Use your disillusion" CD

{Break x Out Records / I For Us Records}

Nine Eleven were formed in 2004 in Tours, France by ex-members of Riot State Killers and No Time To Lose. This is their first full length album, that followed their 2006 MCD called "King for a day...Ghost for a lifetime" and their 2005 split CD with Intruder and Burning Fight.
Moreover, Nine Eleven have already shared the stage with bands like Sick Of It All, Endstand, Wall of Jericho, Go It Alone etc...
Anyway, the new record is called "Use Your Disillusion" (reference to Guns 'n' Roses "Use Your Illusion"?!) and includes 10 songs of powerful modern hardcore in the vein of Comeback Kid, Bane, Verse and Another Breath, with some stiches of 59 Times The Pain and Rise Against, I think...
The production is great and the whole packaging of the CD is very nice, too.
It seems that the collaboration of 2 of the best European hardcore labels nowadays, brought to us a great record of modern yet old school hardcore music.
By the way, for the curious ones... Due to the press release: "The band's name is refering to 11th September 1973, the day that A.Pinochet took the power in Chile with the help of CIA."