4 way split CD

{T4 Collective, Delusion of Terror Records, Major Malfunction}
"New Names For Old Desires" is a brand new 4 way split CD featuring 4 of the coolest hardcore/metal bands of the current Philippines' scene. It was released by 3 cool local labels and the guy that also runs Major Malfunction fanzine sent me some copies some weeks ago...
First of all, I must say that the layout/artwork is fucking professional, including a 10 pages colored booklet with lyrics, drawings and all the details you need to know about the bands. Each band contributes 5 songs, except of one that delivers 6 ones, so 21 songs in total, and more than an hour of music.
1st band is Nuclear Punishment from Cavite. They play ultra metallic hardcore, or may I say just insane brutal death metal?! They take influences from the mighty Obituary and the likes, so please do not except something close to your favorite hardcore / punk band, you know the deal.
Next we have Manila's Isvarah; I think that this band is the coolest and most "hardcore" one of this 4 way split. I really like their style, described as dark and brutal hardcore. They remind me a bit of Integrity and the likes. Very cool band, check them out udoubtedly. They now feature the drummer of Sauna, another cool band from Philippines... Some of you may remember their split with Bystorm, that World's Appreciated Kitsch Records had brought for you in Greece...
The third band is Prayer Of Endurance from Baguio. Taking influences from bands like Heaven Shall Burn, Cataract, Darkest Hour etc, they manage to become one of Philippines' best modern metallic hardcore band. To be honest, I'm not too much into their style, I find it a bit boring... You know songs that last more than 3 minutes are ultra boring for me, hehe!
Last but not least, we have Forgiveness Denied from Batanga. I think that they are the oldest band of the 4 included in this split, since they are in the scene for 6-7 years. They are into straight edge metalcore, playing a mix of All Out War, Heaven Shall Burn and Buried Alive.
All in all we have an amazing split, representing well the hardcore/metal scene of Philippines. What is the most inspiring thing is that the scene there seems to be very united & strong and no matter what the each band's style is, they all strive for hardcore. Congratulations to the guys that brought this brutal piece of plastic to the world.