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Alright! After having spent another afternoon searching for postgraduate courses in Greece (a.k.a. Elladara,hehe) and the result being nearly disappointing, I decided to put up with it and write a review, which is more relaxing and self-fulfilling. To tell the truth,the situation generally sucks!!
First of all, by pushing the play button, the music of Minnesota-based band "In Defence" grabbed me by the neck and reminded me that life is too short to worry about certain things...anyway!!
Let's stick to the subject!! A review on behalf of my best friend and comrade Apostolis and his blog is always worth it and, moreover, a fine chance to practice my English!!
What we listen to in this 29 songs, 46:05 CD is pure fast hardcore/punk, played with a positive and dynamic attitude that makes you wanna trash and thrash your place up!!! It contains all the band's releases til now, i.e. "Don't know how to breakdance" 12", the split 7" with Black Market Fetus, "Twin cities crew" 7" and one compilation song. All these avalaible only in Europe for the first time!
This was made possible thanks to the collaboration and hard work of various notorious European DIY labels, including W.A.K (its 13th release to date). Hope we see them live someday,as from September 9th (2 days prior to the Twin Tower's disaster) their Euro Tour starts! Do something man and bring them in Greece, I'll go to the show with a Timberwolves' basketball jersey just to make them sick!!!
What I also liked about those crazy American guys is their funny way of writing lyrics.Excellent sense of humor!! They state in their myspace page that they are against pizzas and in favor of Taco, a Mexican fast food chain in their area. They urge us to become Tacotarians and join the Taco Liberation Front (hahaha!!!). They made me ill!! Pizza,anyone???
Looking forward to reviewing the new Faithreat release!!
Peace,unity and love,
Reviewed by: Leonidas the Timberwolf