Black Friday '29
s/t CD / LP
Let It Burn Records
The 4th Black Friday '29 full length record was released on Friday 29th May 2009.
I don't know if that Friday was a Black one but it was definitely a special Friday for one of the best European hardcore bands.
Named after the world's biggest economic crisis (in USA during the year of 1929), Black Friday '29 is active in the worldwide hardcore scene since early 00s and have managed to create a unique sound, pushing the limits of NYC scene, and a strong fanbase.
The self titled release is maybe the most mature release up to now. In fact, it's all about well-structured songs, not too fast like their first releases but straight forward and 101% intense, well-thought lyrics and a huge production, tighter than ever.
The record features guest vocals by Nothing To Hide, City To City and Zero Mentality vocalists, plus backup vocals from a shitload of hardcore kids varying from AYS guys to Burkhard | Face The Show photography. The last song is in German language, while there's a very melodic instrumental one, too.
The lyrics are fucking great once more, with 'Tell tale stories' and 'No farewell' being my favorite ones, undoubtedly. 'No Farewell' is maybe the best song of the record, in my opinion, as well.
If you are somewhere between Terror and Comeback Kid, if you like your hardcore hard yet melodic, if you need to hear a band that has something to say, here you are...
Shouting that 'they still got the fucking PMA', Black Friday '29 have created a milestone record that all the hardcore kids must own, because after all hardcore is not just Hatebreed & Madball.
It's a shame that only a few kids know them in Greece.
Get this either on CD or gatefold LP format. You won't regret it.

P.S. It took me too many months to review their previous record 'The Pursuit Of Happiness' that a couple of days after sitting down to review it, their new record was suddenly out, so consequently I skip reviewing the previous one...!