More Than Ever
s/t CD
Demons Run Amok
Unfortunately More Than Ever do not exist anymore. They decided to quit doing this band some months ago... Being a decent modern hardcore band since 2001, they will be sadly missed...
This is not the first time I'm reviewing a record and being so late that the band has already called it quits. Fuck, I have to work a bit more with the deadlines, haha!
So, More Than Ever's self titled CD (available in a cute vinyl format, too) consists of 12 songs of melodic and modern, emotional yet desperate hardcore. Think something between Have Heart, Unbroken and With Honor.
Ultra emotional (not new style emo dude!) and catchy riffs, desperate vocals singing about personal issues and a fucking tight rhythm section, all contributing to a unique More Than Ever sound. The band has matured a lot since their previous full length ('Give us our hearts back'), for sure.
I really like the cover and the whole layout, 2 colours screen-printed, mixing black and white with gold.
And Demons Run Amok is a rad label, you already know it.
Consequently, I do not know if this record is groundbreaking or not, but More Than Ever will definitely leave their mark in the European hardcore map. It's a shame that they broke up...
'It's time to break the circle, rethink where we belong.
It's time to break the circle, rebuild what has gone.'