Fumbles In Life
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Youth Crew Records | Slakeless Heart
Fumbles In Life is one of the most sincere straight edge / positive hardcore bands of Italy. They are based in Milan and are active since 2002. Their new MCD, and 5th release in total, includes 6 songs full of passion, melodies and heartful lyrics. All the songs are catchy enough but I obviously state song no.2 'Showstopper' as my favorite one. Read the lyrics of this song, they are fucking great and thought provoking as hell.
Fumbles In Life are influenced by bands like No For An Answer, Youth Of Today and the likes, but their style is a bit more modern and more melodic, bringing in mind Ignite, Shelter and 7 Seconds. Last year I wrote a review for their previous CD and I claimed that they are Italy's Shelter... Well, I still believe in this!
The vocalist's voice and the melodic guitar riffs are so cleansing that they fuel your soul with positive energy. I doubt if you can find such a positive energy in any of today's hardcore bands...
Moreover, Fumbles In Life are pro-Krishna, even if they do not state it clearly (as Safe do, the other band that features Fumbles In Life members).
2 of their members are responsible for Youth Crew Records since 1998, a very cool label that has released great records; No More Fear, Half My Time, Thoughts To Share and Steam.
The layout is very nice; I really like the records that feature a live picture as a front cover.
Go get this.