New distances CD / 12"
Deathwish Inc.
Narrows (NRWS) is a project created by 5 well known members of the hardcore / punk / metal community. Take a look...
Dave Verellen (Botch, Roy), Rob Moral (Unbroken, Some Girls, Over My Dead Body), Ryan Frederiksen (These Arms Are Snakes, Nineironspitfire), Jodie Cox (Tropics, Bullet Union, Rohame) and Sam Stothers (Makeout Boys, Quarantine) are the mighty Narrows. Satisfied?!
So, their first full length album called 'New distances' (there's a self titled 7" out, as well) includes 9 songs of furious experimental hardcore, far away from the already known formulas and cliches. Post punk, minimalistic melodies and aggresive metallic hardcore all thrown in a nihilistic / fueled with darkness blender that eventually serves Narrows.
The artwork of the release (both CD and 12" format) is just awesome and fits a lot to their music.
In their own words:
'Some of us are old, some of us are young. Some of us live in London, some of us in Seattle. All of us love music. No sass or flash, just punk the way we know how. We are Narrows...'
Narrows rule.