Blank Stare
's/t' 12"
Refuse Records
Quote from mosheisley.blogspot.com (for the first Blank Stare 7"):
'If you like bands like Haymaker, Left For Dead or 97a there's a 99% that you'll dig Blank Stare. Fuck why do I have to introduce them anyway? If you love Have Heart this is anti YOU! Fuck you. What a great band!'
So, Blank Stare broke up in mid September and that's reaaallyy sad because it's fucking hard to find such a quality hardcore straight edge band nowadays...
Blank Stare come from Boston and they released 3 7"s and 1 LP since 2005. Labels like Third X Party (USA) and Refuse (Poland) helped them a lot during all those years.
The european release of their full length album includes 9 songs of non-stop Black Flag-ish hardcore/punk music plus a Last Rights cover (you know Last Rights? Choke from Negative FX and then Slapshot used to sing for them...).
A band that starts its record with a song called 'Fuck Your Life' is definitely not kidding...
Blank Stare featured ex or current members from Positive Reinforcement and Social Circkle, for those who care.
You can buy the record from Refuse Record, it's still available. Greek geeks get it from our distro. WOW addicts download it from the band's blog!
'The ideas are quite but the words are loud
The ideas are quite but the words are loud
The ideas are quite but the words are loud'