Green Goblins
'Youth corrupter' MCD
Swallow It All Records
I've seen Green Goblins a couple of times in the previous years (one show in Katerini with Vodka Juniors and one show in Street Attack, Thessaloniki, as far as I remember) but it wasn't since their latest appearance in Katarameno Sindromo in Athens, mid September, that this band grabbed my attention and still haven't returned it back to me.
Green Goblins is a trio from the small city called Katerini (near Thessaloniki) that exists since 2003 and have managed to release a couple of CDs since then under their local label called Swallow It All. Besides that, they have played a bunch of shows in north Greece and just returned from a tour with Voodoo Healers that brought them in Bulgaria and Turkey, as well.
'Youth Corrupter' was released the night before Christmas 2008, around a year ago, and includes 5 songs plus a cover of 'Chinese Rocks' by The Ramones (originally by The Heartbreakers).
Their styles is fast and furious rock 'n' roll that takes influences by '77-'82 era punk, early US hardcore and bands like Motorheard, Zeke, The Dwarves and Black Flag.
During their live set in Katarameno, I came to the conclusion that this band is maybe the one and only 80s hardcore influenced band in Greece and that is both awesome (for them) and shitty (for our scene).
The cover features the 'Youth Corrupter' himself, that I can assume that he's a friend of the band, while the insert includes a big -not so good- photo of the band; I'd prefer to get lyrics instead, to be honesst.
Anyway, music speaks louder than words, so go get their CD, it won't cost you more than a 330ml pint for sure.