Lewd Acts
'Black eye blues' CD
Deathwish Inc.
I'm in love with Deathwish.
Lewd Acts exist since 2005 and had already released a bunch of demos, 7"s and cassettes, plus a split 7" with Hour Of The Wolf when Deathwish picked them up for the release of their - actually - first full length album called 'Black eye blues'.
The album was recorded and engineered at Godcity Studios by Kurt Ballou (of Converge fame), while the packaging is sick as hell, illustrated by the band's talented vocalist (who also runs Tooth Hurts illustrations and works as a tattoo artist) and designed by Jacob Bannon (of Converge fame, as well).
That was 'the credits' section. But music is more important I guess.
So, Lewd Acts fit perfect in the Deathwish roster, drawing influences by late 80s punk / hardcore music, adding some haunting metallic structures and folding all this mixture with a fucking rock 'n' roll attitude and poetical, melancholic yet genious lyrics.
I believe that they love Deathwish bands, as well, especially Doomriders, Converge and Rise & Fall.
The album starts with the song titled 'Know where to go' and ends with 'Nowhere to go', (maybe the best song of the record, bringing in mind some post-hardcore bands, Isis and the likes) and that makes a concept album in my opinion.
Moreover, there's another pair of songs consisting of 'You Don't Need Me' and 'I Don't Need You'.
'Black eye blues' is not a positive album for sure, it may drown you in melancholy and depression, but you will rise again stronger afterwards, so don't worry...