Damn The Empire
'with trends like these...' CD
Pee Records
With only a year of existence, Damn The Empire managed to pack 16 songs in a 20-minute long CD and put it out to the world via our favorite Australian record label, Pee.
Featuring ex-members of other Melbourne based bands like Bad Day Down, Rags to Rags and Yidcore, the 4-person combo play fast punk rock / melodic hardcore music like there's no tomorrow.
So, if you like Paint It Black, Good Riddance and Kid Dynamite, check 'em out, I guess you'll dig them!
'with trends like these' was recorded in Australia, but the mastering took place in Colorado, USA, at The Blasting Room; a place that was built in 1994 by members of Descendents, ALL and Black Flag.
The lyrics are pretty socio-political, while the best song title ever is 'This free music download brought to you courtesy of metallica's lars ulrich', ha!
It seems that there's a huge punk rock scene in Australia, by the way, and that's way too crucial! Strength Approach from Italy are playing a bunch of shows there next week for example.
Anyway, Damn The Empire released a nice album and I'm looking forward to hearing from them again in the future.