Golden Violence
'Hate has come' CD
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Golden Violence come from Roma, Italy, a city that is famous for its huge hardcore / punk scene, with bands like Payback, Taste The Floor, Coloss and The 4th Sin being active.
Golden Violence feature ex or current members of bands like In Cold Blood, Rise From The Agony and Take It Raw, if you give a shit.
'Hate has come' is their first CD released a year ago by the DIY conspiracy (that means a bunch of independent labels co-operating to put out a release) and includes 8 songs of -may i use the term?- italiancore. I mean, it's obvious that many Italian bands have a unique style of playing, that only Italian bands follow... I dunno, maybe I'm wrong, haha.
Anyway, for those who need other comparisons, I can assume you that Golden Violence play furious hardcore in the vein of Madball, Strife and Terror (as they claim). What I dislike is the production... It's too metallic (especially the vocals) for this kind of music, I'd prefer to listen to something more raw and 'filthy', to be honest.
The lyrics insert actually includes just 3 of the songs, so I cannot form an opinion about what they sing for, but nothing that you haven't heard before, as I figure out.
The artwork is cool, I really like that pirate style cover, even if it's too fashionable to worship pirates and sharks nowadays, haha!