Crucial zine!
issue IV
10 reasons to get Crucial zine issue no.4:
1) It's fucking crucial
2) It made it to issue 4 and still costs nothing to purchase it
3) You propably get a free badge and a free sticker along with the zine
4) There's a Do Something Now! photo somewhere inside the zine
5) There are 6 World's Appreciated Kitsch releases reviewed
6) There's an interview with Skoteini Plevra (a hip hop band in a hc zine, pretty openminded)
7) There's that goddamn 'Celebrating 26 years of NOFX' crossword
8) There's that fucking article about the failures of hardcore
9) The kids that do the zine believe that the 99% of metal music sucks
10) It's fucking crucial