Save Remains
'Youth approach' MCD
Black Python | Pasidary Kpats | Fast 'n' Easy
Unfortunately, I cannot find nothing about Save Remains, except for the fact that they come from Kaliningrad, Russia and the play amazing youth crew hardcore!
There's neither a website nor a myspace address for them in the internet... Moreover there's no too much info about them in their labels' webpages (the ones that are not disfunct), so let's concetrate on this 6-song MCD.
First of all, the artwork rules, you are prepared of what you are about to listen, ha! Youthcrew-ish as it takes. Moreover, the artwork and insert are very professional, including translation of their lyrics (they sing in Russian) in English.
The style is, as I wrote above, late 80s / early 90s youth crew, bringing in mind bands like Ten Yard Fight, Youth Of Today and In My Eyes. The songs are very well-structured and there's that passion that drives the band to write heartfull songs singing about youth crew, the hardcore scene, society etc. Song no.4 is totally awesome, btw!
I don't even remember who sent me that CD, shit... Haha!
If you ever find it in any cool distro, grab it, it's worth your bucks.