Human Demise
The Odditorium CD
WTF Records
6 years since their inception and Human Demise are stronger than ever.
The 6th release of Tim's WTF Records is a blast.
'The Odditorium' features 12 songs of well-played Clevo style hardcore in the vein of Integrity, Ringworm and the Holy Terror stuff (Moutheater, Rot In Hell etc.) mixed with some Pulling Teeth and Rise & Fall influences.
Technical metallic riffs, solos, post-hardcore parts, desperate vocals, strong rhythm section.
I don't need something else when it comes to a metallic hardcore album...
The record fucking rules, so there's no many things to write down in this review.
You have to get it as soon as possible.
Human Demise have toured Europe countless times and have established their name in the hardcore / punk scene of their country, The Netherlands.
I doubt if more than 15 kids know them in the country of souvlaki, tzatziki & IMF.
Hardcore in Greece circulates around the tiresome same bands. If it's underground, no one cares. Sad but true.
Nevertheless, Human Demise rule.