Una Vida / Monsieur Po
split CD
Cruzade | Words Are Weapons | La Otra Opcion
This is a nice split CD between the Spanish band xUna Vidax and Paris' hardcore act Monsieur Po. A very interesting release trying to combine the heavy metallic hardcore scenes of both countries.
xUna Vidax offer 5 songs of brutal hardcore in the vein of Sworn Enemy, 25 Ta Life, Madball and Strife. They sing in their native language, so I cannot inform you about the lyrics at all. Their songs are short (around 2 minutes each) enough not to make me get bored, and that's a good point! Not my cup of tea, but not bad at all.
On the other hand, female - fronted Monsieur Po deliver 4 songs, in english language, of mid/ late 90s edge - metalcore with a lot of thrash metal and metal in general vibes. Their lyrics are about society, anti-sexism etc. I like them better than Una Vida, to be honest.
Cool split, check it out!