Brotherhood Of Sleep
s/t CD
Suisound | Catch The Soap
So, to be honest, this is definitely not my cup of tea.
Brotherhood Of Sleep's first CD consists of 4 instrumental songs (lasting around 45 minutes) of psychedelic heavy (post-) rock music, fueled with a lot of doom metal and drone elements.
To start with, the packaging of the CD is totally professional featuring digipack case and black / gold layout.

I'm happy to see that greek bands are advancing their standards. I don't 'judge a book by its cover', but it really means a lot for a band to take care of their artwork, as well.
'Nough said.
Musicwise, Brotherhood Of Sleep remind me of Karma To Burn, Black Sabbath, Sun O))), Pelican and Kyuss. Their songs are both psychedelic and heavy, that you may not distinguish the difference at all!
The production is a bit raw, I'd prefer it clearer, but I guess that's the way the band wanted to sound.
There's also a very cool video clip included in the multimedia section of the CD.
Check them out; they're playing with Karma To Burn tonight!